Are you a shop owner, artist, maker or entrepreneur? Let’s join forces and do great things! We’re all about collaborating and empowering small businesses through creative projects and social media channels.

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What we do

Giveaways and Auctions

Planning and running exciting giveaways and auctions on social media platforms

Pass the Book

Compiling a book packed with inspiration and advice from talented creative makers


Hosting a fun swap party for artists and makers to share and exchange products with each other


Running contests for everyone to participate and get those creative juices flowing - there will be prizes!

And more…!


Custom Illustrations Giveaway

Collaboration with illustrator & designer @helenaravenne_design who would create custom illustrations for winners.

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Photo Contest

A photo contest in collaboration with @thegempicker and @arthacollections.

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Gong Kan Caption Contest

A caption contest for @gongkan_‘s beautiful printed and framed artwork.

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Photo Contest

A photo contest in collaboration with @conradekaiser

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Conrad Kaiser wooden planter giveaway

Planters Giveaway

A collaboration giveaway for two hand carved planters by @conradekaiser.

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Resin Placemat Giveaway

A collaboration giveaway for @lumak.art‘s resin placemat.

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Wooden Spoons Giveaway

Wooden Spoons Giveaway

QoQo’s original giveaway for two sets of beautiful wooden spoons.

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Illariy Silver Earring Studs Giveaway

Illariy Silver Studs Giveaway

A collaboration giveaway for @illariyjewellery‘s handmade silver studs.

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